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Institutions continue offloading BTC exposure despite price rebound

Bitcoin funds are still in decline as institutional sentiment remains bearish.

DApp Store: All Things PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a revolutionary decentralized, transparent and open-source blockchain project that offers various products enabling it to become a complete ...

This Ethereum metric just hit a 5-year high

Ethereum price has surged by 41% within the past five days. The digital asset’s value surged from $1,754 to $2,488 as the ...

Insider report: Amazon is set to accept Bitcoin payments and launch a token

Amazon is looking to accept Bitcoin (BTC/USD) payments before the end of the year. A report unveiled this news ...

India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates

A new partnership with LegitDoc places India among early adopters to implement an e-governance system for higher education.

Bitcoin’s Rally to $40,000 Triggers Over $1,000,000,000 in Liquidations

Tens of thousands of crypto traders had their positions liquidated as Bitcoin abruptly rallied to above $40,000.

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DeFi tokens are booming!

With the activity in Bitcoin, there is a revival in the crypto money market. The rally this weekend has also ...

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Has the market reacted to the good news?

The recovery in the prices of cryptocurrencies could be a reaction to the good news from the big tech and ...

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Why did the altcoin price jump 50 percent?

The AMP altcoin price has increased by 50 percent due to rumors that it is working with Amazon on a crypto ...

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What did the famous analyst say about KAVA?

Van de Poppe takes a look at (KAVA), a cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform.

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Popular analyst says an altcoin is ready for a 300 percent rally

Crypto analyst and investor Michaël van de Poppe said that an under-the-radar altcoin is poised for a big surge. ...

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US investigating Tether (USDT) executives

Federal prosecutors are examining whether Tether concealed that its transactions at banks were linked to crypto.

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Upgrade announces new credit card featuring bitcoin rewards

San Francisco based Upgrade, a neobank that offers affordable and responsible credit to consumers has announced the launch of Upgrade ...

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Why Bitcoin is good for the economy

Bitcoin is a digital currency, released in 2009, as a revolutionary financial instrument that would solve the vulnerabilities of fiat currencies ...

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These Are The Top Ten Latin America Mutual Funds And ETFs

Latin America has been the stock markets’ underperformer, but things are looking more optimistic now.

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What could happen next?

Many experts are still confident in the crypto market, and see this is nothing more than a temporary blip. Simon ...

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