Site Usage

Platform Purpose

CBerry Platform is a content creators reward platform. After registration, users can make a post. The more likes gotten on the post, the more the user earn CBY tokens on the post. The total amount will be distributed to both the Author and those who like the post after 7 days of post creation. Unlike other platforms of this type, the post author can then be tipped with CBY and BNB tokens after the 7 days, so that the Author can continue to earn on the post as long as it exists on the Platform.

Make a Post

To make a new post, login to your account and navigate to the Publish tab on your profile page. Input the Post Title, you may choose to edit the Post Link, input the Post Excerpt and Post Body. You can select a Post Image. You must choose a Post Category then you can optionally select up to three Post Tags. Click submit and your post will be live and can start earning. Ensure your post is unique and not copied from an existing post.

General Concept

When a user make a post, other users can like or dislike the post. Liking a post will allocate some amount to the post, Disliking the post will remove some amount from the post earnings. Author and Likers share the total amount earned on the post after 7 days. NOTE: Like and Dislike won't deduct any amount from the person who like or dislike the post, the amount to give the post will be allocated from CBY supply. The calculation on what a post get on a like or lose on a dislike is available on the Usage Limits page. The calculation is based on the liker and disliker's CBY balance.

Users can always tip the post even after the 7 days earning distribution. In the case of a tip, the amount will be deducted from the user that tipped the post and sent directly to the Post Author.

Their is a limit to the number of Posts, Likes and Dislikes a user can execute in a day. The limit is calculated from the user's CBY balance and is available on the Usage Limits page.

Like a Post

To like a post, click on the thumb up button under the post. Ensure that you have read and know the post is unique and will get many likes so that you can earn more from your like.

Disike a Post

To dislike a post, click on the thumb down button under the post. Ensure the post is actually worth a dislike. Users can't earn on dislike.

Tip a Post or Comment

To tip a post or comment, just click on the TIP button under the post or comment and select coin (BNB/CBY) then input amount on the TIP page, after that, click the Send Tip button. The amount will be deducted from your account and credited to the Post or Comment Author.

Check your Post, Like and Dislike Limit

Their is a limit to the number of Posts, Likes and Dislikes a user can execute in a day. to check your limit, navigate to the Status page on your profile.

Claim your Post and Like Reward

Go to the Reward page on your profile and click the Claim button on any available reward.