CBerry Ecosystem

CBerry leverages DeFi power to reward users for quality contents and also packs a DeFi system of Swap and Loan infrastructure to create a solid content creation and reward ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain

CBerry token is a BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is fully owned and managed by Binance with lots of advantages like fast transaction, incredibly low transaction fees and many others. With these features, BSC will best serve the purpose of CBerry platform.

BEP20 is an ERC20 standard on Binanace Smart Chain. So, only an address that is BEP20 compatible, i.e that is enabled on Binance Smart Chain can store CBerry token. No additional knowledge required, it works just like Ethereum. To get a Binance chain address, download the wallet for Chrome or for Firefox. Check full tutorial on Binance Smart Chain Wallet here

Content Creation has never been more rewarding

CBerry has designed an ecosystem that will pay content creators an average of $30 per content. The steps to get started is very easy.

  • Create an account and confirm your email.
  • Create and publish contents.
  • Claim your reward on each content after 7 days of posting, plus you can be tipped with BNB and CBY always after the 7 days.
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Powered By DeFi and Binance Smart Chain

CBerry Swap DeFi system will enable easy conversion of reward assets on the system and will add some incentive system for platform perticipants through yield.

Cberry Loan system on the other hand will give platform participants staking and loan opportunities It is a no interest system and stakes will be rewarded with other platform yield.

By The Community and For The Community

Another part of the ecosystem is advertisement system. All payment for adverts on the platform will be partly distributed to users according to their stakes on the platform and partly used to support CBY token so that platform incentives will be steady overtime.

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CBerry token is a BEP20 token created on the Binance Smart Chain. The token will power the Cberry ecosystem. WIth ticker CBY, the token is leveraging Binance Smart Chain's speed, robustness and low fees to deliver the most rewarding content sharing system.

CBerry Token

token name


token ticker

5 Million

total supply


use case

Token Listing

CBerry token is a payment token in usage and so will be listed on as many many Exchanges to support its value and keep content creator rewards steady in value. Our ecosystem is leveraged to support at least a top exchange listing in each quarter of a year until sufficient listing is achieved. CBY will list on platforms listed below and many more.



CBY held an IEO on ProBit and trading begins on the 3rd May


Binance Innovation

CBY is a BEP20 token supported by Binance Smart Chain



CBY will be on the best Binance Smart Chain Swap protocol in PancakeSwap



Ethereum CBY pair will also be created for access on Ethereum Blockchain



We will be in contact with Hotbit for listing of CBY token



We have secured a listing agreement for CBY token on LiboPro

IEO Completed

on ProBit Exchange

Start:   12 / 04 / 2021

End:   1 / 5 / 2021


Token supply


Last IEO price ($)


Soft Cap ($)


Hard Cap ($)


Our goal is to be a store of contents with enough reward for content creators and platform participants in the best method possible.

Content Creator Rewards

CBerry rewards content creators and site participants for their contribution and effort

Binance Smart Chain

CBY token is built on the future of Decentralisation and Decentralised Finance

DeFi Services

CBerry will offer DeFi services which include Swap and Loan to support the reward system

Advertisement Yield

Revenue from advertisement will be used to support the token and to incentivise users

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Major steps in moving forward with the project are listed below. Join us on our social media outlets to know more.

  • Q4. 2020

    - Genesis

    - Airdrop Launch

    - Token Sales

    - v1 (Beta) release

  • - Token Sales

    - Strategic Partnerships

    - Platform Development

    - Social Media Outlet Growth

  • - IEO

    - v2 (Stable) release

    - Exchange Listing

    - Acquisition of Editors and Writers

  • - CBerry DeFi Launch

    - Exchange Listing

    - Marketing Push

    - DeFi Partnerships

  • - Team Expansion

    - Exchange Listing

    - On-boarding Projects

    - v2 update