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ETH will increase by 30% when altcoin rally occurs

One of the cryptocurrencies that Van de Poppe follows is Ethereum, the leading smart contract platform and the second largest ...

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The rise in Bitcoin price has also inflamed altcoins

Altogether, in the last five days, altcoins have managed to gain a share of Bitcoin's dominance, with Bitcoin market dominance ...

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The vision of the Ethereum ecosystem is changing

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), the pioneer of smart contract platforms, emphasizes that the use case of the Ethereum ...

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What Did the Former Administrator Say About ETH?

Former Goldman Sachs fund manager Camila Russo said in a new interview with The Defiant that the top altcoin Ethereum ...

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It may increase rapidly by over 860 percent in 2022.

Prominent analyst and investor Kaleo predicts a massive increase in the value of the top altcoin Ethereum (ETH) in the ...

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A Good Development Has Happened For Ethereum

Ethereum can contınue ıts rıse wıth thıs development

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Where Does Ethereum's Power Come From?

Ethereum is an avant-garde project

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey keeps saying ‘no’ to Ethereum

Despite Twitter releasing 140 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, Twitter’s CEO continues to reject the altcoin as an investment.

Ethereum is the Most Standout

The Price of the Flashy Crypto Giant Again, Ethereum is the Most Standout

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Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains' integration with Cloudflare means any browser on the internet can now access the Ethereum-based .crypto domain extension

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Vitalik Buterin d'Ethereum fait un don de plus de 600000 $ à la campagne de secours COVID-19 en Inde

Nouvelles | Monde L'Inde a continué de subir la grave deuxième vague de COVID-19 qui a paralysé le secteur de ...

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Sulix Core Cryptocurrency

thinking of a movement where everyone wins peacefully

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Huge: VISA To Accept USDC For Payments Via ETH Blockchain

Visa said on Monday it will allow the use of USD Coin to settle payment transactions on its network.

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Defi-101 for Newbies

My own article from Uptrennd platfrom

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Strange Message In The Ethereum 2.0 First Block Code

bitcoin news, Twitter accounts, Ethereum news

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Cocoricos - The new Defi Farm

Earn Passive Income with your Crypto Discover more ways to make your money grow with DeFi. Curated Staking, Liquidity Provision, ...