Wallet Usage

General Understanding

CBerry Platform has two wallet section, The Personal Blockchain Wallet and the Platform Wallet. Personal wallet is your personal blockchain wallet, you have access to its Private Key. The Platform Wallet is your balance on the CBerry Platform. All site limits, likes and dislikes amount are calculated with your Platform Wallet balance.

You can only credit your Platform Wallet by locking some balance in it. Locked balance can be unlocked at any time and will take 7 days wait period before its deposited back in your personal wallet

Personal Wallet

When you navigate to your Wallet page on your profile, if you don't have a Personal Wallet yet then you will get a button to create your wallet. When the wallet is created, you can click the deposit button to deposit CBY or BNB to your Personal Wallet. You can view all transactions on BSCscan. Click the PK button and then input your password for confirmation to reveal your Private Key.

Send Assets from Personal Wallet

You can send BNB or CBY from your Personal Wallet to an external address. You must have enough BNB gas fee to execute the transaction. To send Assets click on the "Withdraw" button, select Coin, input Amount and specify the destination address. Click send and the asset will be transferred to the destination.

Lock assets on the Platform

To benefit from the platform benefits, you should have some assets locked on the platform, just click the Lock button and select coin and amount to lock

Platform Wallet

This is your CBerry wallet and only the funds available here can give entitlement to platform benefits. To credit your Platform Wallet, first credit your Personal Wallet and lock the funds to your Platform Wallet.

Unlock Assets from Platform Wallet

You can unlock assets from your Platform Wallet at any time, just click the "Unlock" button, then select the coin to unlock, every unlock will obeserve a 7 days wait period. NOTE: for huge amount of some threshold, admin must verify before it is unlocked.