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Research: investors lost about 20% of all mined bitcoins

A few months ago, the amount of BTC to which users lost access was at the level of 18%.

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BNB Gas Guide!


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Providing Liquidity (LP tokens)

Providing liquidity is a way to increase the liquidity of the exchange by providing it from the user. Each liquidity ...

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Signature Bank’s Blockchain Payment Platform to Accept Trueusd Stablecoin

As Signature Bank expands its commercial banking offerings, the trueusd stablecoin has been integrated with its Signet blockchain-based digital payment ...

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CBerry Partners with 2Key.Network

The Partnership will allow CBerry’s users to share contents off the site and get rewarded for doing that.

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The Psychological Price of Prison

It’s time to stop blaming drugs and look up at the monster that we all fear, ourselves and our ...

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We live in an era with a very high rate of innovation. This is the time when the environment motivates ...

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Nick Szabo: The Story of the Creator of BitGold and Smart Contracts

Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto. So it says in one of the hypotheses about the identity of the creator of ...

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The parable of the snake

The snake was crawling into its corner and on the way touched a saw that was lying on the floor.


Consider a hypothetical example of an economy that uses exactly two currencies, Gcoin and Bcoin, which are equally preferred by ...

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Worldview. How many devils can fit on the tip of a pin?

So public philosophy fulfills the function of a drainage system: everyone who is interested in the problems of the life ...

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Law of Attraction ! Does it even work or just a myth ?

Recognition is the key to success.

Great DeFi project

Treedefi is a great project go check it out

Will Elon Musk’s ‘SNL’ Appearance Send Dogecoin to the Moon? Curb Your Enthusiasm

A mere mention on TV would give dogecoin (DOGE, -6.95%) (DOGE) huge mainstream exposure. But April’s “Dogeday” flop suggests ...

Dogecoin Price Finally Tops 69c, Flips XRP to Become Top-4 Crypto

The canine-themed cryptocurrency is up an eye-watering 13,611% for the year to date.

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Ebay exploring crypto payment options and NFT auctions

According to CEO Jamie Iannone, eBay will be "exploring opportunities" to enable nonfungible tokens.

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US needs to take leadership on central bank digital currencies: former CFTC chair

A former financial regulator says the United States needs to step up its research into a central bank-issued digital currency, ...



Vitalik Buterin d'Ethereum fait un don de plus de 600000 $ à la campagne de secours COVID-19 en Inde

Nouvelles | Monde L'Inde a continué de subir la grave deuxième vague de COVID-19 qui a paralysé le secteur de ...

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