Site Usage Allocations

General Understanding

All amount to give, Post and Like rewards and effects on CBerry Platform are calculated based on the user's CBY balance on Platform Wallet. The calculations are discussed below.

Post Like and Dislike Effect on Post Earning

When a user like a post, an amount is added to the post earnings. When a user dislike a post, an amount is duducted from the post earnings. The calculation is based on the CBY balance (on Platform Wallet) of the use who like or dislike the post.

Amount Added for like:   0.005% of liker's CBY balance

Amount Deducted for dislike:   0.005% of disliker's CBY balance

NOTE: This amount is not deducted from the liker or disliker's CBY balance, the balance is just to calculate what to give to the post, the amount given is allocated from CBY supply allocated to the Platform.

How Post Eranings is shared between Author and Likers

Author:   Gets 80% of the total Earning.

Likers:   Share 20% according to the percentage of each user's CBY balance at the time each user like the post.

Daily Post Limit

Calculation: 0 * CBY balance

All users get 1 free post allowance daily

Daily Like Limit

Calculation: 0 * CBY balance

All users get 1 free like allowance daily