CBerry Announces DeFi Infrastructure

The product will aim at introducing a new fundraising concept into the DeFi ecosystem thereby helping projects raise funds and helping investors make better investment choices without having to worry about the devaluation of the project. 


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  • 6th, July 2021 (6 months ago)
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CBerry is proud to announce our DeFi ecosystem, it will function alongside the recently released CBv2 of the content system. The product will aim at introducing a new fundraising concept into the DeFi ecosystem thereby helping projects raise funds and helping investors make better investment choices without having to worry about the devaluation of the project. 




Our DeFi Products 

CBerry DeFi plans on introducing the following concept into the DeFi space and by so doing create multiple use cases for the platform, 

  1. VC-Type Investment Protocol  

This is a new fundraising concept that hopes to help bring on-board traditional VCs into the DeFi system, this would allow them easily to invest in a wide range of crypto projects. Project owners would be able to raise Capital without selling out project’s tokens. 

The current fundraising systems allows exchange of tokens between the project owners and investors where an investor is given a certain amount of token for his/her investment. When project launches without those tokens in circulation and having only a small fraction in proportion to the tokens in circulation then the token price suffers leading to Investors losing money and project owners losing trust. 

The Startup system of fundraising is slowly fading away with nee systems of fundraising requesting more and more from these startups and then proceeding to raise only a fraction of what is needed by the projects. 

The VC-Type Investment aims to at 

  • Building stronger communities and project owners
  • Raising adequate bootstrap capital needed to run the marketing and other activities needed at the first stage.  
  • Raising capital without giving out tokens in exchange for it. 
  • Promotes Trust etc. 

For Investors  

  • Prevents Dumps 
  • No lose as capital is paid back with dividends as agreed.
  • Collateral is locked to ensure trust. 
  • Gets the investors involved via the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Protocol etc. 

See Our Docs page and DECK page for more Info. 

 Loan System 

Our DeFi ecosystem would involve LOAN, users who be interested in giving out loans to earn particularly good rewards in % can do that on our system. They would also be able to set up the terms and conditions surrounding the loan and when a repayment is expected. Users who are interested in borrowing from the protocol would so and pay back with interested on agreed period. 


The DeFi structure isn’t complete without the Decentralized Swap. CBerry will launch a decentralized swap to help users trade, lock liquidity and earn for doing that. 

The decentralized swap system is a model of Pancake swap with added features and advantages. Users will be able to swap their digital assets on-chain and liquidity providers will get rewarded for locking their liquidity on the platform. 

Our model revolves around incentives for active users to build a steady DeFi protocol. Official incentives will mostly be in CBD and CBY, the platform will also allow any other token to distribute incentives to active users in a decentralised form. 


Power the CBerry Content System 

CBerry Contents Portal is already a renowned contents platform on the BSC. CBD will be integrated into the system to allow content makers earn for making posts on the system and locking funds on it. Here’s a link to the content system. 


Tokenomics and Audit 

CBD Token 

CBD tokens would provide means through which users would be able to interact with the system, reward users and would serve as the governance token of the platform. CBD also powers CBerry Contents Portal platform with CBY token. 

Total Supply: 500,000,000 

Sales: 100,000,000 

Foundation: 10% (Locked for 6 months, 10% unlock linearly for 10 months.) 

Marketing: 5% 

Ecosystem: 60% (Locked) 

Staking/Liquidity Incentives: 2% 

Community Reward Programs: 3% 


The CBerry DeFi smart contract has been audited by SolidProof,  



$ 1.78386166


Official CBerry account on the CBerry Contents Portal Platform


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