CBerry Partners with 2Key.Network

The Partnership will allow CBerry’s users to share contents off the site and get rewarded for doing that.


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  • 8th, June 2021 (1 month ago)
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CBerry is proud to announce that we will be partnering with 2Key Network, a decentralized referral Network helping people and organizations to reach their ideal goals.

The partnership will allow CBerry integrate one of 2Key’s product known as the 2Key Embed Button, it will allow CBerry’s users to share contents off the site and get rewarded for doing that. The product which is in beta will be available in the upcoming CBerry v2 launching June 14.


What to Expect from the v2 launch?

The CBerry Version 2 platform will see improvements on the content site design, more advanced wallet system to allow token Lock or staking and a BSC Analytics platform allowing us to seamlessly work with other BSC projects or platforms within the space.

Other Features to be expected in v2.

  • -         Refined post category.
  • -         News category.
  • -         Community and Group features for interested crypto projects.
  • -         More content type allowed.
  • -         Staking/Token lock.
  • -         Centralized Swap system for conversion CBY rewards for platform users.
  • -         New and Easy to use Wallet systems.
  • -         Platform Revenue for CBY holders
  • -         CBD Token introduction



About Projects


CBerry is the first content system developed on the Binance Smart chain (BSC) and leverages DeFi power to reward users for quality contents and packs a DeFi system of Swap and Loan infrastructure to create a solid content creation and reward ecosystem.

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2key network is a decentralized referral network that helps people, businesses and organizations reach their ideal customers and spark action. Users can target the audience of the links by 3 parameters: age, gender, and country.



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Why CBD? CBerry Reserve Token (CBR)
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