Kaspersky : Cryptocurrency Attacks Will Increase In 2021!




  • 1st, December 2020 (6 months ago)
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A new report was published on November 30 by the cybersecurity and antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab. According to the report, it was reported that fraud and hacking activities related to cryptocurrencies are likely to increase in the world after COVID-19.

Securelist predicted that a wave of poverty caused by the COVID-19 would probably lead to more people appealing to crime, including cybercrime. It was stated that this situation could also mean an increase in crimes related to Bitcoin. Securelist made the following statements :

"In the future, we may see some economies collapse and local currencies fall, which could make Bitcoin theft much more attractive. More fraudulent activity may occur, mostly targeting BTC, as it is the most popular of cryptocurrencies."

And addition to that statement Securelist predicted this statement for cybercriminals :

“We should expect cybercriminals to switch to transit cryptocurrencies for charging victims. There is a reason to believe they might switch to other privacy-enhanced currencies, such as Monero, to use these first as a transition currency and then convert the funds to any other cryptocurrency of choice including BTC.”

According to Securelist, these terrible scenarios can happen. But on the other hand, technology and security systems developing rapidly. So we will see if technology will be enough to prevent these cyberattacks or hard times waiting for us.

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