Social Media is Down

The world is silent a new kind of silence.



  • 4th, October 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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Facebook, Instagram & What’sapp are down.


Am sure it’s the topic that everyone is talking about right now is that the main social media platform is down.


It took me 2 hours to notice that they are really down & another hour shocked that they are not working YET.


I stayed in silence doesn’t remember how it used to be without these social media platforms!!!!

I wanted to check on my husband and found out that the only way is to call him (a real actual phone call). It felt weird at the beginning “not gonna deny”, but I liked it.


A friend passed by and we talked about this topic more than 4 times in a very short time because every topic gets us back to the same thing “ What’sapp, Facebook & Instagram are not working “ ……


It was a major topic that we cannot even discuss it together, it’s one common thing that’s effecting the whole entire world in one time. By now you should have seen everything around you talking about this urgent matter , but it’s not.

The world is silent a new kind of silence, silence of communication, silence of no one knows who is doing what & where & with whom… A silence of news, Silence of words…

Silence of pictures & filters…. Silence of stickers & GIF…. Silence of congratulating & consolidating…. Not to forget the losing money silence which is the most expensive one.


For how more long we need to wait? What we will find out?

Is it going to be ok? Will we forget?

Will this effect us in a positive way ?


A lot of questions but mainly I wanted to share them with my friends and family and discuss it over What’sapp but now I guess I need to meet them and enjoy the good company and the nice talk.

Actually am enjoying my peaceful silent time with love. Thank you for this chance of silence that you gave to the most of the world.



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