Ten Years Ago Satoshi Nakamoto Logged Off - The Final Message from Bitcoin's Inventor

Ten years ago today, the pseudonymous programmer (or programmers) Satoshi Nakamoto logged into the forum one last time, and left the Bitcoin community for good. The day prior Nakamoto wrote a final message to the crypto community by offering a quick build and telling developers that there’s more work to be done on denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.



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‘More Work to Do’

When Satoshi Nakamoto was around, Bitcoin’s inventor was a mysterious enigma and often led developers in the right direction from 2008 to 2010. Bitcoin’s creator also left a final message to the community when he/she or they added to the thread on called: “Added some DoS limits, removed safe mode.” The message was written over a decade ago on December 12, 2010, and Nakamoto stressed that “there’s more work to do.”

Ten Years Ago Satoshi Nakamoto Logged Off - The Final Message from Bitcoin's Inventor
Satoshi Nakamoto’s last written post on the forum on December 12, 2010.

“There’s more work to do on DoS, but I’m doing a quick build of what I have so far in case it’s needed, before venturing into more complex ideas,” Nakamoto said at the time. “The build for this is version 0.3.19. Added some DoS controls. As Gavin and I have said clearly before, the software is not at all resistant to DoS attack. This is one improvement, but there are still more ways to attack than I can count. I’m leaving the -limitfreerelay part as a switch for now and it’s there if you need it. Removed “safe mode” alerts, ‘safe mode’ alerts was a temporary measure after the 0.3.9 overflow bug,” Bitcoin’s creator added.

Nakamoto further wrote:

We can say all we want that users can just run with ‘-disablesafemode,’ but it’s better just not to have it for the sake of appearances. It was never intended as a long term feature. Safe mode can still be triggered by seeing a longer (greater total PoW) invalid block chain.

‘Wikileaks Has Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, and the Swarm Is Headed Towards Us’

While bitcoin (BTC) was swapping for $0.20 per coin, Nakamoto left a great number of technical replies on the forum that month, which addressed the current Bitcoin build at the time. In fact, during the first two weeks of December 2010, Nakamoto was very active on the forum.

No one knows why the inventor left so abruptly, but Nakamoto had shown he was a bit upset the day before his very last forum message. This was because bitcoin was mentioned in a viral article called: “Could the Wikileaks Scandal Lead to New Virtual Currency?”

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