What Motherhood taught you as far?

It was a great reminder that we are humans and sometimes we need a break to be able to continue.



  • 13th, September 2021 (1 month ago)
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What motherhood taught you as far? 

A mom posted this question in one of the mommies groups on social media.
It took me a while to count how many things motherhood taught me till now.
Am a whole different person now, actually am a great version of myself & by every minute passing as a mom I become more and more proud of what I have reached as a human being.

I became patient, aware of my feelings and emotions, I became more organized and devoted to my motherhood with love.

I learned to love myself and accept my self the way I am, I believed that we all do mistakes and it's ok as long as you learn the lesson.

Now I tend to let my inner child out more often and just have fun. 



The day I found this question I was very exhausted and wasn't able to give my daughter the attention she needs and I was blaming myself till I saw this question and It completely changed my mindset to see the positive side. It was a great reminder that we are humans and sometimes we need a break to be able to continue & that’s what our kids needs to see us doing so they can learn how to take care of themselves.

Am grateful & thankful to the motherhood journey.



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